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by Zombie Todd on June 19, 2009

in Zombie Games

Finally the second installment in the Endless Zombie Rampage (EZR) Series comes to the flash games community. Released in early May of 2009 I checked the game out to see if it had outdone the original and brought a new meaning to the Zombie shoot em up genre.

With three more serious entries since the launch of EZR 2, there was a big hill to climb in order to deliver anything original. The three big games to have launched that vie for the attention of millions of casual game fans were:

• The Last Stand 2 by Armor Games and Con Artists
• Boxhead Zombie Wars by Crazy Monkey Games & Sean Cooper
• SAS Zombie Assault by Ninja Kiwi.

So what’s on offer in Endless Zombie Rampage 2?

Bigger Guns

Just when you thought the gun variety couldn’t get any better the second game features 6 new additions. These are the Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Gaus Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Flame Thrower and Turret gun, all of which are mightily impressive.

Diseased Productions have also narrowed down the guns choosing to focus more on upgrades rather than variations for each particular gun. An example is the Auto Shotgun, which can be upgraded to increase damage by 2 fold, ammo capacity by 2 fold, to reduce reload time to half and a special upgrade which turns shotgun bullets into gaus bullets.

Bigger Monsters

The first game didn’t have any bosses, now the second one brings you 4! 3 of which are gigantic and when coupled with the use of one of the new colossal weapons brings a whole new meaning to the EZR series.

Boss 1 – A tame spider that looks like its been on the whiskey the night before
Boss 2 – A huge fat brain with tentacles, looks impressive, just don’t get squashed by it.
Boss 3 – They get bigger, this time a giant crab is trying to snip you in two.
Final Boss – A huge worm that wants to taste you!

Main Mode Extended!

The main game mode, namely Endless Rampage Mode has been extended to include a couple of new features. You can now search for supplies and survivors which serve as mini tasks to gain medical packs and additional points.


I didn’t believe it to be possible, but the graphics have been improved. The animation now looks even better and there has been more effort put into the landscape design. The impressive defense base with turrets makes all the difference, where as the first game had a simple octagonal structure to protect this base makes you feel like there’s something worth salvaging.

Game Verdict

Definitely worth the wait and although there are a few things that could have been done better such as improved ai for the first boss and a few more mediocre monsters to splatter around the car park, on the whole the game lives up to its promise and delivers an animated action packed shooter with heavy fire power which should satisfy all casual gaming fans.

• Playability: 9/10
• Graphics: 8.5/10
• Originality: 8/10
• Game Detail: 9/10
• Addictiveness: 8.5/10
Final Score: 86%

Endless Zombie Rampage 2 is one of many high quality flash games that can be played at Games Lunatic.

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