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I’ve been SOOO looking forward to this new season of The Walking Dead.

After the big cliff-hanger from last season (the killing of Sophia’s zombieness), and of course, the aggressive barn-opening that preceded her zombie killing — I couldn’t wait for the new season!

I don’t want to give away any spoilers.

So, I won’t discuss all the AWESOME action that transpired in this opening episode.  But…

What do you think?


Snail Zombies

by Zombie Todd on August 30, 2009

in Zombie News

Parasitic worms seem almost able to make these snails do their own bidding! See All National Geographic Videos


Zombie Kid Likes Turtles


This original Zombie Art, by uses a new technique I am working with that incorporates both digital photography and 3D rendering software.


Original Zombie Art, by All rights reserved.

When I originally found this photograph, I was very excited to turn this classic soldier photo into a scary, yet stoic, soldier zombie.

Here is the before and after.



The title may say it all:  “Bashed by a Shovel”.

In this original Zombie Art, by, I have taken a photo of my model and turned him into a scary zombie, who’s head has just been bashed in by a shovel.


When I photographed the model, I selected this seemingly benign shot to convert him into a zombie.  The result was good — But, I wanted more.

What is an artist to do?

…How about bashing his head in with a shovel?

Yeah, that will work.

Here is the before and after photos:

All rights reserved:

All rights reserved:


I turned this beauty into a zombie using my favorite Zombie Art Techniques — I think I’m in love, yet again…  (I’m glad Zombies aren’t the jealous type:  I have a few zombie women in my “original zombie art” portfolio.  They don’t know about each other, so either way, I’m safe.)


Original Zombie Art, by All rights reserved.


One of my favorite zombie women types, are those from the 50’s.  Yep, that’s how I roll.  Please meet my Pin Up Zombie, Elaine.  I made this zombie art from a vintage photo of a 1950’s model.

Elaine, my lovely zombie pinup girl.

Original Zombie Art, by All rights reserved.


I like the idea for to have “all things zombie” — well, at least “all things zombie that I like”.  (In addition, of course, to my original Zombie Art)

Thus, one particular rule I have on this site, is “No Posting the song, ‘Zombie’, by the Cranberries”.  Never.

However, I found this cover version to be worthy of a listen.  So, I haven’t completely broken my rule.  Not completely.


Here is one of my first Zombie Pinup photos that I made.  I love her.  (Her name is Gretta.)

Gretta, my sexy zombie lover

Original Zombie Art, by All rights reserved.


Night of the ZOMBIE!

July 21, 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYBODY!!! Watch in HD: An homage to the classic B-movie horror flicks of the 1960’s. Directed by Greg Benson, written by Joseph Limbaugh and starring Julie Wittner, Greg Benson, Joseph Limbaugh, Noah Korda and Brian Spillane.

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